Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Complex Systems
University of Parma
Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sicences

About Us

Systems composed of a large number of particles or elements can give rise to complex unexpected behaviour and totally new emergent collective properties. Statistical Physics deals indeed with systems composed of many interacting degrees of freedom. Starting from microscopic models, it can describe and predict these unexpected behavior on a large scale, in which collective effects are more than the sum of the properties of the individual constituents.

The research at SMFI deals with topics at the borders of Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics, with a strong interdisciplinary content from Biology and Social Sciences. In our research topics, classical and quantum complexity emerges from networks of interactions with non-trivial geometric and dynamical properties. We deal with synchronisation of classical and quantum units, dynamical processes on complex temporal networks, quantum control and complex transport phenomena.

The members of the group are involved in the local INFN group and they are part of the INFN project BIOPHYS and DYNSYSMATH.

The group hosts the National Conference on Statistical Physics and Complex Systems.