Italian Society of Statistical Physics - SIFS


On May 20th, 2019 the Italian Society of Statistical Physics was founded in Florence: the Society has its registered office in Parma and you can read the Statue and find all the relevant information on the SIFS official website.

Here you can find the news about the foundation of SIFS. The first Assembly of the Members took place during the work of the XXIV National Conference on Statistical Physics and Complex Systems, in the afternoon session of June 25th, 2019. On that occasion the elections of the new Executive Board took place.

Our group is very active in the SIFS organs and management: Raffaella Burioni is vice-president of the society; Marco Mancastroppa manages and update the SIFS website, and together with Alessandro Vezzani he handles organizational matters, such as assemblies and registrations.

Further information on the SIFS activities can be found at the SIFS official website.

From the Statute of the SIFS, Art. 3 (Aims)

"[...] the SIFS:

i) favors the relationships and exchanges between Italian researchers and researchers working in the field of Statistical Physics, in particular the relationships between university staff and public research institutions;

ii) organizes schools for doctoral students, for PhDs, and national and international conferences;

iii) favors interactions between the Italian statistical physics community and the international one, with particular reference to the C3 Commission (Statistical Physics) of the IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics);

iv) establishes awards for young and senior researchers in the field of Statistical Physics;

v) facilitates the participation of its members in national and international research calls, with the possibility of participating as a SIFS;

vi) promotes the dissemination at all levels of the issues of interest to the SIFS;

vii) promotes participation in the national and international debate on issues of interest to it;

viii) collaborates with all public and private bodies interested in the same statutory purposes as the SIFS."